The different species of the Cherry Laurel and the Yew hedge

The Cherry Laurel hedge is easy to grow and easy maintain. It is highly tolerant and it attracts a lot of wildlife. The Yew hedge is a poisonous plant to both humans and animals. It is impenetrable and it will makes a beautiful hedge. The Cherry Laurel and the Yew hedge both have three different species to choose from. Each one is beautiful and each one has something different to offer. The Laurel has: The Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia. This is a bushy hedge with attractive polished green leaves that can be seen throughout the year. In spring this will produce […]


Elephant ear: large leaves from the rainforests The Elephant’s Ear gets its name from its enormous leaves. The Alocasia, as the plant is officially called, originally comes from the rainforests of Asia where the leaves are used to shelter from tropical rains. There are more large houseplants within the Alocasia family. The leaves can reach a diameter of one and a half metres. This makes the Elephant’s Ear an eye-catcher in the home, but one with a few instructions. Alocasia like to have a constantly slightly moist soil, so check regularly with your finger whether this is the case. Do […]


Fencing Nine times out of ten, balconies are enclosed by fencing. It is also possible to peep through the bars of the fence. To create more privacy on the balcony, it is important to cover it up as much as possible. And this is no longer difficult these days, as there are various types of balcony screens to close things off with. Choose wood or reed if you want to go for a natural look. Installing a balcony screen Installing a balcony screen is often a piece of cake. There are holes in the fabric or screen and you pass […]