Nine times out of ten, balconies are enclosed by fencing. It is also possible to peep through the bars of the fence. To create more privacy on the balcony, it is important to cover it up as much as possible. And this is no longer difficult these days, as there are various types of balcony screens to close things off with. Choose wood or reed if you want to go for a natural look.

Installing a balcony screen
Installing a balcony screen is often a piece of cake. There are holes in the fabric or screen and you pass the velcro provided through the holes and the railing. Press it on firmly and repeat this at the other attachment points. This way, the screen is fixed in place and will not be torn loose by the first gust of wind.

Do you not have a walled-in balcony, but one that protrudes, as it were, from the fa├žade? Then it is also an option to cover the sides of the balcony with fence sections. These parts are often higher than the fence. Ideal for blocking views from the sides. The panels are available in different heights, so first decide on the exact height you need. Do you mainly sit on the balcony? Then higher fence parts are not necessary. Keep in mind that you can also use them to block out the sun, and the question is whether you want that.

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