Elephant ear: large leaves from the rainforests
The Elephant’s Ear gets its name from its enormous leaves. The Alocasia, as the plant is officially called, originally comes from the rainforests of Asia where the leaves are used to shelter from tropical rains. There are more large houseplants within the Alocasia family. The leaves can reach a diameter of one and a half metres. This makes the Elephant’s Ear an eye-catcher in the home, but one with a few instructions. Alocasia like to have a constantly slightly moist soil, so check regularly with your finger whether this is the case. Do not give the plant too much water all at once, but regularly with small amounts and preferably lukewarm water. The plant likes to be sprinkled, preferably once a week.

Sunny location for the Elephant Lichard
Elephant ear grows towards the light, so turn the plant around regularly and give it a place with plenty of sunlight, preferably 5 hours a day. Two metres from a window facing south or directly west or east is ideal. If the plant gets too little sunlight, the stems will grow very long in order to catch a ray of light. Are the leaves turning yellow-brown? Then the roots of the plant have become too wet.

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